Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Full bridal package 


Best Package Offer for Smaller Weddings

1 hour appointment 

All alterations included for only the bride 

Hem, Sides, Straps, Cups & Bustle


Bride Tribe Package 


Our Most Popular​​

2 hour appointment 

All alterations included for the bride and 4 bridesmaids 

bride get Full Alterations. 5 bridesmaids get all basic alterations this includes their Hem,Sides,Straps and cups 


Just Love Package 


LGBT fri​endly package 

1 hour appointment for each bride 

All alterations included for both brides 

Hem,Sides, Straps, Cups & Bustle


separate bridal price list 

if you do not buy a package before your appointment your alteration price will very. please note if you're getting a lot done to your dress buying a package is going to save you money. always check out Instagram and Facebook for discounts and deals. those who pay cash get 10% off alterations 

storage and steaming is always separate. storage and steaming is $75   - 321-576-8014 

Bridesmaids and more 

Compare all our service packages and find the best that fits for you.

All pricing is estimated until first fitting

We have a 100% rush fee for anyone who needs alterations done in less then four weeks  



30 minute appointment 

Hem $50-$75

Sides $35-55

Straps $25-$45



30 minute appointment 

Hem $50-75

sides $35-55

Straps $25-$45

Flower girl


30 minute appointment 

Hem $25-$65


Straps $15-$25